Shark Teeth Hunting
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Hunting for fossilized shark teeth can be done on any of the beaches surrounding Venice, Florida.

Venice, Florida is the shark tooth Capitol of the World! Venice beaches contain millions of prehistoric shark teeth. Kids love to gather Shark's Teeth to take home as a Florida souvenir!

Sharks have lived and died in the Gulf of Mexico for millions of years. After a shark dies, it sinks to the ocean floor where it is very slowly covered by layers of sand.

Over time, the soft parts of the shark's body disintegrate, but the teeth are washed up on shore with the changing tides and waves. Sharks teeth may be black, brown, or gray, depending on the soil in which they have been buried. Most Sharks teeth found in the Venice area are one eighth inch to three inches long.

My condo is stocked with 2 scoops designed to help you find shark teeth. To use them, go out into the water where the shells are pretty thick and grab a scoop of shells. Shake out the fine sand and small shells in the water and then look through the scoop for the shark teeth. You will also find lots of shark teeth just walking the beaches.

We have found Englewood beach to be the most productive lately.

This is a picture of a few teeth we found on one of our trips to Venice.




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